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The Mentoring programme at Westminster Academy is a comprehensive mentoring program in which the mentor will accompany students for at least 1 year to provide career guidance, build a highly capable profile and organise orientation activities, … in order to improve the students’ profile for studying abroad/scholarship.

Participants: Secondary and High school students (grades 8 to 12)

Format: one-on-one consultation, accompanying students and exchanging reports directly with parents throughout the process.

This is the perfect time to help students begin to explore and understand themselves. With quality training as a top priority, the Personal Development Mentoring programme is an opportunity for students to meet and work with a team of experts across many FIELDS and PROFESSIONS, as well as benefitting from their domestic and international connection networks.

The route of Mentoring Programme

#1 Solid foundation
#2 Clear plan
#3 Goal-oriented execution

The role of Westminster Academy


Design a personal learning path Advise students on suitable activities, events and courses to achieve desired results in each milestone. Advise students on skills to practice to achieve the goals.


Counsel students to help them understand themselves. Build a specific learning route. Guide students on choosing future majors


Provide information about programmes suitable for each student. Accompany, guide and support students in implementing planned activities. Psychological counselor. Study abroad counseling

Reviews by Parents and Students Westminster Academy

N. A. C (Student) - iGCSE and IB Tutoring Program
After 4 years studying at Westminster Academy, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Ha Minh and the teachers of Westminster Academy. My elder brother is also a student here. Thanks to Westminster, we have both achieved grades that exceeded our expectations (6/7) and I have been admitted into University of Toronro - the #1 university in Canada.
N. A. C (Student) - iGCSE and IB Tutoring Program