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The Oxbridge admissions interview is notorious for the difficulty and absurdity of the questions. It is an individual or group discussion with academic questions that stimulate students not only to think holistically from the knowledge they learn from books, but to be more creative.

The Oxbridge Interview Training Programme at Westminster Academy helps students restructure the interview process and prepare for the interview. The programme is developed by a professional interviewing expert who graduated from Oxford University, and has a lot of experience in guiding students to apply to top universities in the UK. Because of this, we can ensure that you will:

Understand what an Oxbridge interview is and what the interviewer wants from you.

Understand how the interviewer will assess your academic abilities and passion for learning.

Find out how interviewers push your thinking during the interview and assess your fit for Oxbridge’s teaching style.

Understand the importance of showing your full potential and putting your accomplishments into account.

Learn how to answer questions in a variety of interview styles.

All 1-to-1 coaching and simulation interviews come with personalized feedback and tips for improvement.

So what is the secret to passing the interview? How to prove to the admissions committee you are a good candidate and worthy of a position at Oxford / Cambridge? All of this will be included in the Interview Training Programme.

The Interview Training Programme at Westminster Academy is a comprehensive programme on interview skills, specifically catered to Top Universities in the world. Our experienced mentors will guide students in the structure of the interview sessions, interview skills, and personalized advice.

Reviews by Parents and Students Westminster Academy

N. A. C (Student) - iGCSE and IB Tutoring Program
After 4 years studying at Westminster Academy, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Ha Minh and the teachers of Westminster Academy. My elder brother is also a student here. Thanks to Westminster, we have both achieved grades that exceeded our expectations (6/7) and I have been admitted into University of Toronro - the #1 university in Canada.
N. A. C (Student) - iGCSE and IB Tutoring Program